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What is Solar Thermal air temperature control?

A solar thermal assisted heating and cooling system. Utilizing the free energy from the sun to reduce the demand side energy usage of the system. The international patent pending technology can be used on all types of refrigeration, comfort cooling and heating applications, boasting efficiencies exceeding 70%. In addition to being supplied as a complete packaged solution for all applications.

Better for the planet & Better for the bank balance

Air temperature control and refrigeration are two of the largest consumers of the world’s total energy usage. By embracing natural free energy, with a credible ROI, we can collectively change this. Most countries have hundreds if not thousands of uninterrupted sunshine hours every single year. Those using the ThermX™ system exploit this available free energy, reducing the energy cost significantly.

How Solar Thermal works?

Imagine you have an aircraft that is designed to fly at only one speed; 500 mph.Of course this is ridiculous as all aircraft fly at variable speeds, however for the purpose of this explanation let’s imagine this for a moment. While flying the aircraft, you experience a very strong tail wind of 100 mph. This would push the aircraft to 600 mph, dependent on the design: Uncontrolled ‘systems’– In this case we have an aircraft that is designed to fly at only one speed of 500 mph, nothing more, nothing less, as you would expect from a single fixed speed (on/off) compressor. You have the potential to push the aircraft to a speed of 600 mph, however you can’t because the aerodynamics are not capable of this speed, and you can’t reduce the acceleration because it’s fixed. Therefore you had the potential, but were not able to realise it. Controlled ‘systems’– Now we have an ‘engine’ with a variable speed so we can now reduce the acceleration. Reducing down to 400 mph plus the tail wind of 100 mph we still achieve a total speed of 500 mph, however we are now saving huge amounts of gas. This is exactly what solar thermal does. We use an engine (the compressor), which has the ability to slow down in variable or staged modes, simply because the tail wind (the Solar Thermal Collection System) allows the engine to achieve the original speed (cooling capacity) without the additional fuel consumption.

Solar PV vs ThermX

Solar PV Panels



Testing in pure for like environment conditions, inorder to reproduce the average energy saved on a standard commercial 9 ton (cooling capacity) refrigeration system using solar PV technology - it would require an average between 30 & 40 250w solar PV panels.

Solar PV

Solar Thermal with ThermX

Basis: Energy Conservation Project on 9 TR Air-cooled chiller with inverter technology having kW/ton rating as 1.2. Full load power consumption 10.8 kWh
Compliments by generating power. Compliments by saving power.
To generate a savings of 7 kWh from the above chiller, required no of 250 watt solar PV panel is 28. To generate 7 kWh saving by retrofitting ThermX panel, only single thermal collector is needed.
Roof space requirement for installation of 28 PV panels (monocrystalline) is 44sqm (475 sq. ft). Roof space requirement for installation of 1 ThermX panel (20 tubes) is 4 sqm (43 sq.ft).
Cost of inverter (without battery) is additional. No inverter required. Nil cost.
Capacity enhancement of chiller - Nil. As chiller gets old, its capacity to perform during high ambient temp reduces. Hence calls for addition of small complimentary chiller. Up to 25% capacity enhancement of the chiller. This feature is exptremely important when chiller is more than 10 years old and operating during peak summer.
No effect on compressor life. Compressor life is enhanced as its stress is being reduced.
No power generation during night. Marginal savings of 10-15% still delivered at night.

Happy Customers

What customers say

  • After seeing efficiencies exceeding 50% on our UK HQ, further sites are being reviewed for installation including Dubai, USA and Mexico.

    Cummins Global Facilities - Justin McKay
  • Following the installation of ThermX onto our new clean energy talent trailers, we experienced a dramatic 90% reduction in talent generator idling and fuel usage.

    Hollywood Trucks - Andre Champagne
  • Almost two years on from the initial installation, total building consumption is still showing a 34% reduction against prior usage. On top of this significant reduction in maintenance cost.

    Powerplus Bahamas - Greg Uptagrafft

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